Sarracenia rubra gulfensis - pitcher/bog plant

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This bog plant has amazing white hoods and bright green coloration. Height is approximately 18 inches high. These pitcher plants require a minimum of 5 hours of direct sun. These don’t do well under grow lights. Soil needs to be moist to wet, and not allowed to dry out. Rainwater is best. A good growing medium is 2 to 3 parts spaghnum peat moss to 1 part sand. Avoid rich or clay soil. 
These require a 2-4 month period of dormancy, depending on your climate. Easiest to clip back dead leaves in February or March, before new growth emerges. These can be enjoyed in container bog gardens with a drainage hole or slits in the bottom. 
Do not fertilize or feed! Left outdoors, Sarracenia will feed themselves.

Will be shipped bare root.