Pinguicula primuliflora

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This warm temperate Pinguicula is native to the Gulf Coast and is found in open, wet savannas, as well as in shallow ponds where it can grow as an aquatic for much of the year, but always under full sun. It is best grown in cultivation outside in very moist to wet medium (peat-sand mix, coarse vermiculite or sphagnum moss) and full sun. Water should be good quality (RO, distilled or rainwater that is neutral to slightly acidic in pH). It can tolerate temperatures up to 125 degrees and down into the teens easily, but prefers the heat of summer, when the plants produce their most colorful leaves. It can also be grown under artificial lights, as long as it is in a very humid environment. Typically flowers from mid- to late winter into spring, producing flowers that are typically purple, a bluish violet color and rarely white.

Well-established in a 3 inch pot.